Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Process

We advise on all steps of the M&A process from LOI through to Purchase Contract and after closing can assist with any integration or transition plan if requested.


Alignment with Our Clients Interests & Objectives

Developing a strong working relationship with the business owner is the first step in our M&A process; we want the owner to know that we are a part of their team and have their best interest in mind.


Qualifying Buyers, Sellers & Partners

We proceed to identify and research potential buyers for exits or mergers and determine the best possible acquirer. For companies in acquisition mode, we identify the right targets that will complement the existing growth plan for the company. The potential transaction is always in line with our clients goals.


Introductions, Term sheets, & LOI's

Introductions and deal outlines follow. We work with our clients and advisors to assemble initial details requested by the acquirer. Once information has been assembled either party will present a draft term sheet for review.


Data room & Due Diligence

Once the term sheet has been accepted we can work with the controller to compile all the information necessary to verify proposed deal. This includes setting up the data room and organizing it by category. Meetings and conference calls will be scheduled to discuss the deal structure.


Purchase Contract & Closing

During the verification process, the lawyers will be drafting up the purchase contract. Upon acceptance and sign off of the due diligence we will review the purchase contract alongside the lawyers and help determine if it is acceptable to execute by our clients. Once executed the transaction closes on a pre-determined closing date.

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